Industrial Protective Fabrics

For workers operating under high risk environments that require long-lasting arc flash and fire protective clothing, Dimatex, Inc offers an advanced light weight, Fire Retardant garment that delivers unprecedented protection from fire hazards with the maximum level of comfort, durability at an affordable cost. Unlikely any other material, our noble FR products provide unparalleled fire protection wash after wash without compromising the quality, comfort, and safety of the garment.

Dimatex, Inc. has become a trusted name in the industrial protective fabrics industry. Our company's strategy focuses on adopting new methods and technologies to research and develop improved products and materials. This is a key reason why our industrial protective fabrics have gained a strong position in the region's FR market.
Dimatex, Inc. has always met the target for saving lives with fabrics that guarantee safety in risky working conditions such as acid environments, petrochemical, welding, fire fighting, electric, military, security and even the glass industry. Our protective fabrics are the product of innovation and efficiency in every single one of their applications. They are widely recognized for their superior durability, comfort and safety.

All of our fabrics have specialized functions designed for particular industrial or military uses. For example, our lightweight military Flame Retardant protective fabrics possess excellent abrasion resistance and superior air permeability and strength, while our soft and breathable Antistat FR fabrics provide those working in the Electric industry with excellent protection from electric arc flash, and flash fire exposures.

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