Food Service

The competitive challenges that the food service industry experiences nowadays requires proper branding, and this can only be achieved by building an effective corporate identity.

At Dimatex, we understand these challenges; we offer uniforms tailored to each working area including chefs, waiters, host, managers, kitchen helpers, etc. Our unique apparel program includes a combination of pants, hats, coats, knit shirts, aprons, suits, tee shirts, jackets, shorts, skirts, and waiter uniforms.

We have become the one-stop solution for many of our food service clients. Our stylish, comfortable and durable uniforms communicate the credibility and corporate identity of your business. By working with us, you will receive uniforms that help your business by conveying to your customers the image you have worked so hard to create.

It only takes a quick call to our customer service to provide all the help you need with placing orders. We not only offer our clients a wide range of pre-designed uniforms, but we also develop customized designs. Our in house designers will coordinate with you the process of developing and delivering the uniforms that best suit your needs. Usually orders usually take just four to eight weeks to complete.