While good appearance is important to transmit your values, safety is imperative to protect your workforce. The chief motivation behind our business is to provide personal protective equipment and clothing that saves lives.

At Dimatex, Inc., we understand the difficulty in selecting the right combination of personal protective equipment and clothing that respond to unexpected work conditions throughout the lifetime of the garment/equipment. Our wide range of personal protective equipment and clothing including coveralls, jackets, lab coats, shirts, and all the ancillary equipment guarantee personal security and safety by providing barriers against heat, fire, and chemicals, thus providing enough time for the worker to escape from threatening situations.

Our unique solutions can be easily adapted to different industries, and so our brands have naturally become the leading personal protective equipment and fire resistant clothing of choice in various industries. For example, when working conditions involve a threat of flame exposures and burn injuries; our industrial FR garments are considered the first preference of the oil and gas, chemical, welding and petrochemical industries.

At Dimatex, Inc., we believe that your safety is our success. Our fabrics comply with CSA Z462, NFPA 70E, ASTM, NFPA and AATCC standards.

Our customer support team will be happy to answer your inquires, and ensure that you receive the very best service. Every effort is expended to promptly fulfil your specific garment requirements.

Dimates, Inc. serves the following industries:


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