Industrial Protective Uniforms

Dimatex, Inc. truly understands our clients' requirements for quality industrial protective uniforms, and aims to save you the hassle of looking for garment applications in different places. We have developed our business into a one-stop solution for all industrial protective fabrics and for your sewing needs. Our proven record in providing the perfect fabric and uniform for different applications has consolidated our brands as the number one choice in the energy, industrial, commercial, military, and government sectors.

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Our highly skilled team brings together experienced individuals who work together in the development of tailored solutions designed to satisfy your current needs. We deliver customized uniforms, produced with the best fabrics and materials available; this commitment guarantees your safety and protection in the most challenging work conditions.


We have developed a "Lean Manufacturing" production system with a systematic approach that has enabled us to reduce our cycle time (how frequently a finished product comes out from the production facility). We are capable of taking your concept, developing market-ready prototypes, and getting them to production within weeks of inception.


Our quality control department works exhaustively to make sure each garment is produced according to the required specifications and within schedule. Once a sample is prepared and production has been approved, a sample of the fabric is kept for future inspection and tracking purposes.


Our in house designers work together to plan and design products that match your uniform and garment requirements. We have established a complete collection of prototype designs to help you choose the right product for your needs. Our combination of innovation and tradition allows you to receive not only the most protective and durable garment, but are also the most comfortable one.


Our commitment to deliver the highest specialized protective garments and uniforms for workers and personnel serving various industrial, military and government institutions, has allowed us to establish a business environment focused on fundamental principles: respect, accountability and constant improvement.
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